Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special kind of loan to build a house?

When you build a home with us, you do not need a special new construction loan. We accept all major loan products including VA Loans, FHA Loans, USDA Loans (in qualifying areas), and conventional mortgages, as well as cash buys. Our partnership with RMC Home Mortgage makes sure that you have the right loan for your home. You can read more about the different types of home loans we accept.

Do I need an appointment to tour the model home?

In most communities, an appointment is needed to tour the model home. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, our online sales staff would be happy to schedule one for you. Simply visit our website and call the number corresponding to each community.

What could cause a delay in my home’s building progress?

Many variables can dictate the build time of your new construction home. Variables such as building material, staffing, weather, permitting, and option selections or change orders, can cause construction delays. Read our article “How Long Does it Take to Build a New Construction Home” to see a breakdown of build times per division. Please note that we will do everything in our power to make sure the build time communicated stays on track. You can also follow along every step of the way using your MyMaronda Portal.

What is The MyMaronda Portal?

As a Maronda Homes customer, you have access to check the status of your new construction home anytime you want through your MyMaronda account. You can log in to check on the status of your home, file a warranty request, or get in touch with your Maronda Homes New Home Specialist.

What kind of loan do I need for a new construction home?

We accept all major loan products, including VA Loans, FHA Loans, USDA Loans (in qualifying areas), and conventional mortgages, as well as cash buys. Our partnership with RMC Home Mortgage makes sure that you have the right loan for your home.

Read more about the benefits of using our preferred lender on our blog.

Who can I contact if I have a question about my home or need help?

If you need to contact Maronda Homes about your current new construction home, you can do so within your MyMarondaHome Portal. You can log in to check on the status of your home, file a warranty request or get in touch with your Maronda Homes New Home Specialist.

Who can I contact at the Maronda Homes Corporate Office if I need assistance?

You can contact the Maronda Homes main corporate office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). The corporate office can be reached via phone: (724) 695-4500 or written correspondence: 11 Timberglen Drive, Imperial, PA 15126.

How long does the process take to build a new construction home from start to finish?

Currently, new construction build times are anywhere from 6-18+ months, depending on the location. Learn more about our build times and our construction process.

Why am I experiencing construction delays?

With changing mortgage rates and high demand for new homes, 2021 was the first year since the Great Recession that home builders will produce more than one million single-family homes. However, persistent supply chain disruptions have caused shortages and price increases in building materials across the US, including materials we use at Maronda Homes. Learn more here.

What is the status of my new construction home?

As a Maronda Homes customer, you have access to the status of your home anytime you want through your MyMaronda account. You can log in to check on the status of your home, file a warranty request, or get in touch with your Maronda Homes New Home Specialist.

Why are certain home designs only available on certain lots?

Each home design we offer is built to fit certain sized lots. If a community or lot can accommodate the footprint and foundation of the home design, as well as any HOA or building code requirements, it will be listed as an available plan for new construction within that community. Learn more about Homesites vs. Home Designs.

What does the permit process look like?

A building permit grants legal permission to start construction by a city or county. When building with Maronda Homes, acquiring a building permit is required for all our communities, and we fully handle the permitting process to ensure an effortless experience for all of our customers. You can learn more about the permitting process.

How long does the permitting process take?

Permitting for new construction homes can vary from state to state based on local municipalities’ processes. Due to the pandemic, an influx of demand, and a lack of local resources, permits have been taking roughly 90-120+ days. Read our blog article to learn more info about the permitting process.

What should I expect from my new construction lawn?

Maronda Homes offers lot stabilization kits depending on the area. That process would include hydroseed, straw, seed, or sod.

What should I expect from my pre-settlement walkthrough prior to taking ownership?

A Pre-Settlement Walk Through, also known as an “orientation” is when you and your Construction Supervisor will conduct a final “walk through” or “inspection” of your new home. The primary purpose is to acquaint you with the maintenance requirements and warranty information about your new home. This is where we make sure the home fits your needs and meets Maronda’s standards. Learn more about what happens during your pre-settlement walkthrough here.

What will happen during my 6-month inspection?

The purpose of the six-month inspection is to reacquaint you with some of the maintenance requirements and warranty information about your new construction home. Additionally, we would like to perform a short home inspection of your property to verify that your home is performing up to the standards set forth in Maronda’s Home Warranty Program.

What types of issues should I bring to my Project Manager’s attention during my new home walk-through?

The purpose of your pre-settlement inspection is to acquaint you with the maintenance requirements and warranty information about your new home. During this time, we will familiarize you with the operation of all equipment, review owner maintenance responsibilities, and inspect your new home per our checklist. Please follow your Project Manager carefully through each aspect of this orientation. The categories can be found in great detail by referring to the Maronda Homes Homeowner’s Maintenance and Warranty Manual. The manual is written in a manner that will help you understand how your new home functions and explain your normal homeowner maintenance responsibilities.

What’s covered under our new home warranty?

All of our new construction homes offer the following warranty:

1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on all Workmanship & Materials
2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY covering all Internal Systems Protection
10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY covering all Footer, Foundations & More

Read more about our comprehensive warranty here.

What is an HOA?

An HOA, or Home Owners Association, is an organization that creates and enforces property and resident rules and guidelines for a subdivision, planned community, or condominium. Typically, an HOA is composed of and run by the community’s residents. Learn more about HOA’s here.

What is a CDD?

Community Development District is an entity that plans, finances, and operates community infrastructure and amenities for its residents.

What is it like living in a new construction community?

To help Maronda home buyers experience a more comfortable living situation in their brand new home, we’ve gathered what to expect from living in a new construction community, and tips to prepare in our blog article, Living in a New Home Construction Zone.

Can I build with Maronda Homes on my own lot?

Maronda Homes owns numerous lots around multiple areas for you to build on. Unlike traditional new construction communities where builders create multiple streets, these homesites are in various locations and on differing streets. Read more about building a new construction home on one of our scattered lots in our blog article: Scattered Homesite Living: The Freedom of Choice.

Do the prices of homes on the website include the lot?

New construction home prices listed online in our planned subdivisions include the cost of a standard lot for that subdivision. Some lots in a planned subdivision may have an additional premium or cost.

Lots in our scattered lot sites are sometimes included, and a range of those additional costs will be labeled on those respective communities. If you’d like to learn more, please schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, and our sales staff will be happy to go over homesites and pricing with you.

What should I expect with a new home appraisal?

To take the stress out of managing the appraisal process, our lending partner, RMC Home Mortgage, will handle your new home appraisal for you.

What happens if I need to cancel my new home contract?

Your Maronda Homes New Home Specialist will be able to go over your various options if you decide a Maronda Home is not for you.

How much down payment do I need to start the contract process?

Your new construction home down payment depends on the price of your new home and which financing option you choose. Begin your prequalification process with RMC Home Mortgage to determine which loan is right for you.

What are closing costs and how much will they be?

All new construction home closing cost amounts vary per community and division and will be discussed with you through our onsite specialist.

Will the price of the home go up?

Home prices are subject to change. There may be some factors that can change prices, such as material costs. Read more about why the cost of homes is rising in our blog article, Why The Cost of Homes Are Rising.

Do you have a price sheet for options and upgrades?

The costs for additional options and upgrades are best discussed with our New Home Consultant, as these prices vary based on which upgrades you choose.

Why would someone use your preferred lender vs using their own?

It’s not required, but individuals use our preferred lender, RMC Home Mortgage because they offer competitive rates and incentives for the buyer. Incentives vary. The best option would be to schedule an appointment with one of our community managers to get the current incentive specials.

When do I start paying my mortgage?

You will start paying your mortgage after closing on your new construction home.

Do I need a realtor to buy a new home?

Our new home specialists are here to guide you each step of the way and ensure you get the new construction home you want. We are happy to work with your realtor if you have one; agents must register onsite with you at your first appointment.

What is your realtor policy?

We love our realtor partners. Our realtor policy requires clients and agents to have a unique email address and that the agent personally accompanies the clients on their first visit to a Maronda Homes community. Our new home specialists will complete the registration process on-site, and you and your team can ask any questions about our communities, processes, or homes. Learn more about the REALTOR® Program.

How long has Maronda Homes been in the industry?

Maronda Homes has been a family-owned and operated home builder since 1972. Our goal is to build affordable homes without sacrificing excellence and style in our home designs.

How do I submit a service or warranty request?

If you have a service, warranty, or other requests, fill out the service request form on our website.

Are your homes energy-efficient?

Our BEE Smart Energy Program exceeds the guidelines for energy efficiency in delivering better quality, comfort, and durability, which in return conserves energy and saves you money on your utility bills. Learn more about the Maronda Homes Difference.

What is the earnest money deposit?

An earnest money deposit is funds that show the seller that you are serious about purchasing a home. These funds will be returned to you to be used at closing.

How can I secure a home?

To secure a new construction home, you will need a prequalification letter from your lender, and you will need to make an earnest money deposit.