Maronda Homes has constantly been changing its approach to home building, Dream. Build. LIVE! is their tag line, but it could be moving towards Dream. Build your entire home online; from colors, to granite, to options and LIVE in the home that you designed. The Amazon approach has taken full grips throughout all tech companies and now is being seen in most verticals. Putting the customer first will not only make them feel like they are part of the process, now they are the whole buying process. Some tools and feature Maronda has brought to the table are 360 Tours, Exterior and Interior Color Visualizers and Interactive Floor plans. “The company (Maronda Homes) shows no signs of stopping,” says Director of Digital Marketing Matthew Wilson. “With our products evolving in the home productions department, it only makes sense to continue to give the potential buyer more of a hands on approach leading up to their brand new home.”

Home builders have provided a variety of options to their shoppers for a long time but showing a unique finished product to each and every customer was sometimes difficult. Maronda Homes is leading the online home shopping experience with the addition of the online visualizer tool, 360 tours and interactive floorplans to make home buying online easier.

Today’s buyers have a very specific picture of what their dream home looks like, this online visualizer gives them to chance to see their home come to life, make adjustments and build a home that is truly unique.

The three tools Maronda Homes has unveiled are:
Home Color Selections with Online Visualizers

Selecting from a bevy of options and available upgrades customizes can mix and match features to suit their needs, place furniture in their new home and virtually walk one of our models. Maronda Homes can now give a true feeling, both interior and exterior of what the finished home actually will look like. The visualizer will let you change exterior siding, brick, ,shutters ,interior flooring ,paint ,counter tops and cabinetry are just some of the features you can change and customize.

360 Tours
Walk Room by Room and See an Overview of the Home with the new 360 Tours. This gives any buyer the ability to virtually walk through their next home. You can mouse through room to room, view the floor plan and layout, get a “dollhouse” overview of the home. Making the homes come alive from anywhere.

Interactive Floorplans
Design the home with options to fully meet any needs. With interactive floorplans you can add furniture to see if that perfect couch will fit in the living room. Share the dream home that has been created, with friends or family.

The future for Maronda Homes being a tech/builder has risen to new heights. Look for more consumer friendly moves from this company in the future