Maronda Insider: How We Build New Homes


Introducing our first-ever series, The Maronda Insider! Follow along as we take you through the step-by-step process of how we build our homes and how we stand out compared to other builders.

Have you ever wondered how we build our new homes? 

Our MIPS Facility, or our Maronda Integrated Production System, intrinsically designs each and every home using an in-depth software system. The software system is vertically integrated into all the production facilities components: machines, saws, press tables, etc.

The automated machines utilize computer software to precisely cut all the various pieces of your home, leaving little room for error. This process creates top-notch quality while also being more cost-efficient. Watch our introduction video below!

In our 3-part series, we will be discussing:

  • Part 1, Saws & Delivery

  • Part 2, Stair Build System

  • Part 3, Wall & Floor Fabrication

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