Seven Ways to Stay Connected with Your Neighbors This Halloween

As we navigate through the pandemic, take it upon yourself to raise not only your spooky spirits but your fellow neighbors as well with the following list of social distancing activities great for fall:

1. Bonfire with S’more Kits

Colder nights call for music and bonfires with friends. Host a bonfire with individually packaged s’more kits for each attendee.

2. Neighborhood BOO!

New to community living? This “Ghosting” tradition has been a Halloween staple for many years in neighborhoods. To participate, you will need two goodie bags filled with treats, two pictures of ghosts, and a  “You’ve Been BOOed” letter of how-to instructions to carry on the tradition. Usually in the evening, sneakily tape your Ghost to a neighbors door that has yet to be ghosted with a treat bag and included instructions at their doorstep. The process is then repeated throughout October. Pinterest has some creative templates to choose from. No time for crafting? Target has their BOO stationery for purchase – get all your Ghosting needs via home delivery or curbside pick-up!

3. Pumpkin Carving Contest

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Set up a Facebook group/Email chain for neighbors to submit a photo of their best jack-o-lantern where the winner can be selected based on votes. If you want to set the stakes high, have prizes for Best in Show, Most Creative, Scariest, etc.

4. Haunted House Home Decor

Spread some Halloween Haunts by decorating your entryway or yard for the upcoming holiday… this will make nightly strolls throughout the neighborhood a little more spooky!

5. Trick Or Treating Stations/Trunk-or-Treat

Having a station set up in your driveway for Trick-Or-Treaters is a great way to stay pro-active during the pandemic. Below are some helpful links with ideas on how to safely distribute candy and Trick-or-Treat this Halloween.

6. Outdoor Movie Night

Popcorn and Scary Movies, anyone? Startup a conversation about Outdoor Movie night; there may be someone with a projection screen already available. If not, have everyone pitch towards a projector screen rental for an outdoor Friday night Halloween-movie-marathon.

7. Zoom Meeting Happy Hour with So Good It’s Scary Cocktails

Stay cozy in the comfort of your own home and schedule a Happy Hour zoom call with your neighbors. Have creative suggestions on drink cocktails to enjoy during your scheduled time. Below are links to some delicious libations to enjoy throughout the fall.

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