Maronda + RMC Home Mortgage: Extended Rate Lock Program

Exclusively Offered Through Our Preferred Lender, RMC Home Mortgage 

*available only in Maronda Homes Greater Pittsburgh Division* 

The historic-low interest rates are inevitably rising, and it’s the highest interest rate rise in 22 years. On top of build times, permitting, inspections, closing procedures, supply chain shortages, and more, this may seem alarming to a homebuyer considering a new construction home.

Maronda’s Extended Rate Lock Program! Lock in your rate with our preferred lender, RMC Home Mortgage

However, with Maronda + RMC Mortgage Extended Rate Lock Program, you can expect peace of mind and thousands of dollars saved over the life of your loan when building a new construction home.

How It Works

Generally, a rate lock is a promise made by a mortgage lender to honor a specific interest rate for a set period for a fee. Since mortgage interest rates are constantly changing, a rate lock will protect you from unforeseen market fluctuations. You will be “locked-in” at the rate agreed upon when your contract is initially signed and it will not change as long as you close within the specified time frame.

If your rate is not locked, it can change at any time. With the current state of the market, a rate lock is a simple solution to stop your new home’s loan interest rate from moving higher before closing. If you’re comfortable with your interest rate and the monthly payment associated with your mortgage loan, we recommend locking it in.

Building a new home can seem daunting, especially with construction delays and supply chain disruptions, while interest rates continue to rise. With Maronda + RMC Mortgage Extended Rate Lock Program, your interest rate will stay the same for almost a full year.

If your Mortgage on your new home is $500,000 or less, the Extended Rate Lock Program will lock in your rate for 345 days for free! For loan amounts exceeding $500,000, a $500 fee per $50,000 borrowed will be issued. 


If your build time exceeds the 345-day lock period, RMC Mortgage can extend the lock for a small charge. Rate Lock Chart

What are the benefits?

The most significant advantage to our rate lock program is that your rate will remain the same despite a rise in the market. You will know your monthly mortgage payment upfront when the initial contract is signed, and you’ll be able to budget your remaining finances appropriately before your home is built.

What happens if interest rates drop during the lock-in period?

The only time your lock-in rate could change is if interest rates drop lower than your locked-in rate when it comes time to close. A “float down” can happen 15 days before closing, and if it happens, our preferred lender will review the market and help decipher the best rate for you and your specific situation.

The Extended Rate Lock Program is another way we help you build with confidence, knowing that with Maronda Homes and RMC Mortgage, you get the right home, at the right price, at the right rate for you! 

Lock in your rate with our preferred lender, RMC Home Mortgage NOW!

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RMC Extended Rate Lock Program

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