2022 Popular Home Building and Design Trends



With home building and renovations more popular than ever, it’s prominent to stay on top of which trends are in and which are phasing out.

At Maronda, we constantly look for ways to make our homes more livable. As we mentioned in 2021, functionality, comfortability, and efficiency have consistently been top priorities for buyers and builders as we shift away from the pandemic. Fast forward to the present day–these three trends remain just as, if not more, important. 

What home building and design trends are in for 2022?


Going Outdoors

More space was one of the top pandemic-changing features people wanted in their homes over the last few years. With millions of workers and students remaining home today, many need a change of scenery to escape. You can now physically and mentally escape your home with your outdoor oasis.

An International Casual Furnishings Association trend report shows that 90% of Americans agree their outdoor living space is more valuable than ever before. Whether this is a front porch, patio, or deck, this outdoor space now serves a greater purpose than just an area of recreation; it is a crucial element of a home for mental health and restoration. 




Going Green

A safe and healthy home will continue to be a top priority in 2022. From builders using more energy-efficient materials to buyers emphasizing recycling and greenery, becoming environmentally friendly is a trend that will only become more prominent as time goes on.

At Maronda, our homes are built with more restorative materials, less-toxic paints, better ventilation, air filtering, and cleaner water systems, and they are ​​100% BEE Smart energy efficient. This means all our homes are designed, produced, and installed to meet strict requirements for energy efficiency.

On top of our BEE Smart Program standards, we’ve taken even more steps to become more sustainable this year. This includes limiting our construction waste, implementing more and more paperless productivity, and offering various landscape packages to our buyers.




Going Bold

2022 is the year bold statements and unique, eccentric ideas make a comeback! With families spending more and more time at home, they have more time to decorate to achieve maximum comfortability.

First and foremost is accent walls. Whether you choose a funky wallpaper, vibrant paint color, or geometric wood design, you can quickly transform a plain space into a trendy one with an accent wall.

As far as wallpaper goes, tropical and botanical prints will be the leading trend for 2022. Not only are they both attention-getting and striking in any interior, but they also bring a sense of nature into the home.

Top it off with decorative pillows, colorful canvas art, and plants!

Are you planning on building a new home or renovating your current residence in 2022? Check with the online experts at Maronda.

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