Ask Maronda: Is it Better to Buy or Build a Home in Florida?

Thinking about purchasing a home in Florida? We understand there are many factors to consider when determining whether you should buy an existing home or build your dream home. Whether you are looking for your first home, downsizing, upgrading, retiring, or any phase in between, we’re breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of buying or building your new home in the Sunshine State.

Building a new home in Florida

The benefits of building your new home from the ground up are endless. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to perfecting and personalizing the details in every room of your new home, ensuring that the place you will call home is tailored to suit you and your family’s needs perfectly. Here are some items to consider before building your new home:

You will need to determine where you want your new home to be situated. Maronda Homes is building new homes in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, and the Florida Panhandle, with new communities being added and new phases opening throughout the year. Whether you choose to build in an already established community or a brand new one, when you build with us, you will be the one calling the shots on the design elements of your home.

Typically, building a new home comes with the tasks of finding an available homesite to build on, with pricing based on the lot size and location. Then comes preparing the land to be built on, which can be an involved process, requiring land improvements, excavation, and often times, hefty costs associated with these modifications. Building with Maronda takes these tasks off your plate, as the homesite you choose will be prepped and ready to be built on.

Next, you would need to obtain the proper permitting to build on the land or homesite that you choose. Once  permitting is obtained and approved, you will move on to the initial home construction phase, which can be a lengthy process where you may run into road bumps due to material availability and pricing. Once the bones of your home are in place, then comes the interior building.

When building a new home with Maronda, we manage all of the above steps for you, so that the only factors you need to determine are the location/community that you want to be in, which home design suits your needs the best, and deciding on exterior and interior finishes that strike your fancy. We take the stress out of the traditional process of building a new home so that you can hone in on the details of your new home that matter the most.

Advantages: Being able to personalize the details of your home from start to finish with the highest quality materials at unbeatable prices in our Florida communities.

Disadvantages: Building a new home without a builder can be a lengthy, involved process consisting of land development, permitting, and potential setbacks due to material supplies and logistics. Take the guesswork out of building your dream home by building with Maronda Homes.

Buying a new home in Florida

If you are considering the purchase of an existing home, there are many factors to consider:

You will need to research the average prices for homes in the area you are interested in living in. The closer you are to the Florida coast, the higher the prices of homes are. Other factors to consider when shopping around include the size and condition of the home, if the home will require minor or major modifications and/or renovations, and of course, resale value, should you choose to sell at any point.

Maronda Homes offers move-in-ready homes throughout Florida. If you are interested in buying your new home instead of building, we offer our thoughtfully crafted home designs throughout several of our already established communities, decreasing the time it would take to build your dream home from the ground up. You’ll get all of the same perks by buying an existing home in one of our beautiful communities with less time involved making decisions on exterior and interior finishes. By opting to purchase one of our move-in-ready homes, you won’t spend any time or money planning for renovations or worrying about resale value.

Our unwavering focus has centered on providing superior homes at unbeatable prices to our customers, continuously setting us apart from others in the industry. We recognize the significance of using only the finest materials while offering unmatched pricing to ensure that each home we build maintains value and satisfaction for years to come.

Advantages: Buying your new move-in-ready Maronda home ensures that you will have updated interior finishes with no renovations required, in one of our thoughtfully curated, established communities.

Disadvantages: Spending time viewing homes, determining costs associated with necessary renovations/modifications, competitive markets, and ensuring potential resale value can make the traditional buying process a headache.
















When determining whether to buy or build a new home, there are several factors to consider. By building or buying with Maronda, we take the guesswork out of making your dream home a reality.

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