Get Your Home Back To School Ready with These Four Tips



The end of Summer is near, which means back to school is here! The best way to eliminate back-to-school stress is to ensure your home is adequately prepared to take on the upcoming school year. Here are four tips to help your home and your children become back-to-school ready.

Declutter The Entryway

Having a clear path from the front door into your home is extremely important, especially when it’s time to return to school. Decluttering will create an easier entry and exit to the home, as well as allow busy mornings to run much smoother when trying to get the kids to school on time.

We recommend creating an organized, specified space for each child’s daily school gear to ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten when leaving or returning home. This could be done by adding individual cubbies, shoe racks, or hanging hooks. Belongings here may include shoes, jackets, backpacks, umbrellas, keys, and more.

Organize The Pantry

Organizing the pantry seems like a near-impossible task, but setting aside the time to do to prepare for the kids to go back to school is vital. Having a clean and organized pantry will allow for easier meal preparation for school lunches, as well as cook breakfast or providing a quick grab-and-go breakfast.

We recommend starting by throwing away expired items, and then organizing by food genre. You could also incorporate Pinterest-worthy storage containers to maximize space and organization fully.

Tidy Up The Kids’ Rooms

Tidying up the kids’ rooms is one of the best ways to destress and enjoy sleep before the new school year. Start by selling, donating, or handing down old or unwanted clothes, shoes, and other supplies. This will help the kids feel like they’re starting fresh and clean for the new year.

We also recommend always planning out your outfits and packing your bookbag the night before. Planning will save you from rushing around in the morning and ensure important belongings needed at school won’t be accidentally left behind.

Create a Virtual Workspace

Creating a designated workspace helps keep children motivated and focused during virtual learning or homework time. With many families nationwide sticking with some form of virtual learning, it’s prominent to have a distraction-free workspace inside the home. 

We recommend having a desk for each kid, as well as a calendar or agenda to help them stay on top-of assignment due dates and other essential appointments. The virtual workspace should also be quiet and free of electronic distractions.


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