What is a Patio Home?


You’ve decided on new home construction, and now it’s time to choose a floor plan! With so many options to choose from and terms to learn – single-family, townhome, villa, condominium, patio — the choice may feel overwhelming. To ease anxiety and ensure a choice that best suits your wants and needs, you must first understand the key differences of each type of home a builder offers.

Although defined differently by each region and builder, generally a patio home represents a modest, low maintenance floor plan with convenient amenities and a feeling of belonging.

What is a Patio Home at Maronda Homes?

At Maronda Homes, a patio home is defined as a single-level, single-family home, with all primary living on a singular floor. In some cases, patio homes can include a shared wall or options for a finished basement.

What Maronda floor plans are considered Patio Homes?

Patio homes are exclusively offered in our Pennsylvania and Ohio divisions. Some of the most popular patio homes offered are:

Is a Patio Home right for you?

If you’re looking for less excess space to maintain without sacrificing quality, style, or comfort, a Maronda Homes patio home is the right choice for you!

Patio homes typically appeal to buyers looking to “downsize,” perhaps your children are all grown up and off to college, or you’re looking to move into a low-maintenance home to relish in retirement. They can also be a perfect option for first-time home buyers, couples, or small families. 

One of the most important aspects to a patio home buyer is having a floor plan without stairs. By keeping all living on a singular level, buyers with health concerns or advanced age can live comfortably knowing they’ll be able to safely navigate through their home. Another key differentiator is a first-floor owner’s suite; ideal for aging in place or easy access to all the rooms you’ll use daily. With everything on one floor, it’s comforting to know you could live in the home for as long as you like.

Ready to build a patio home with Maronda? Our single-level floor plans have been designed and researched over many years to meet the needs and maximize the advantages of livable spaces for our typical buyers. Explore our patio homes and become a part of our tradition today.


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