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Looking for a cozy and quaint townhome? Look no further than the townhomes of Canterbury Woods. Located in Imperial, Pennsylvania, Canterbury Woods is the perfect new townhome construction for you and your family!

As part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, Imperial is growing as a hotspot for business, employment and entertainment. Just a 20-minute drive down the Parkway brings you through the iconic Fort Pitt Tunnels and opens your eyes to one of the most amazing views of the city.

Commuting to work downtown wont be a hassle anymore. Many enjoy the lifestyle and attending sporting events, free concerts, a weekend ride on the Gateway Clipper or even just strolling through one of the most beautiful cities. Not only is living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh perfect for a work commute, but taking advantage of the events is a must!

Canterbury Woods boasts a prime location, not only for Pittsburgh, but for the city of Imperial also. The Mall at Robinson is an extremely popular location with high-end brand names, with many dining options surrounding the perimeter. Everything you need is right around the corner when living in Canterbury Woods!
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