Living in a New Home Construction Zone


Odds are, when building a new construction home, you’re moving into a new construction zone. As some buyers are indifferent to the busy, dusty construction environment, others may have a difficult time dealing with it.

To help Maronda home buyers experience a more comfortable living situation in their brand new home, we’ve gathered what to expect and tips to prepare below.

What to Expect:

Well, construction...

Just because you’ve closed and moved in, doesn’t mean your neighbors have, too. You can expect to see mounds of dirt, big trucks, building materials, and contractors in and out working. Although the views aren’t the prettiest, construction lights can be bright, and power tools can be loud, just remember the home building process is temporary, and other homeowners in your neighborhood are experiencing the same journey as you.

Maronda Tips:

  • Park your car in your garage
  • Keep all important items inside

Construction workers or vehicles can temporarily block or close streets. Not only can it cause traffic within your community, but you may also be forced to take an alternate route or detour to your destination.

Maronda Tips:

  • Give yourself extra time to get to any destination
  • Contact your Construction Supervisor in case of emergency

The homebuilding and development process is extremely complex and has a ton of moving parts. Unpredictable factors such as weather, industry labor, and material shortages could impact the timeline of your build. Keep in mind that delays are common within new home construction and should be expected when building your dream home. The same rule applies when your neighbors are building their dream home, too.

Maronda Tips:

  • Be patient & embrace the journey! Your neighbors are ecstatic to finish building their dream home and move in – just like you were.


The most important tip of all is to remember that all construction is temporary. Before you know it, the whole community will be filled with beautiful, new homes, and gorgeous, green landscapes. The sooner you set the expectations of what comes with living in a new home construction zone, the better you can mentally prepare, and in return, the better you’ll feel.

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