What is a Building Permit? Building Permits Explained


What is a Building Permit?

A building permit grants legal permission to start construction by a city or county. When building with Maronda Homes, acquiring a building permit is required for all our communities, and we handle the permitting process to ensure an effortless experience for all our customers. Before applying for a building permit, all structural features that affect the house’s overall layout and integrity must be determined. Structural components may include garages, sunrooms, extensions, brick grade, tray ceilings, and upgraded exteriors. After the above points are finalized, and the contract is signed, we will handle the entire application process. The timeline of receiving the permit back depends solely on the local municipality, city, or county.

How much does a Building Permit cost?

When building a house with other new construction companies, you can expect to pay approximately $1,200-$2,000 in application fees. With Maronda Homes, we handle all permit application expenses, so there are zero out-of-pocket expenses for you!

Why do I need a Building Permit?

A building permit ensures the safety and compliance with building, construction, and zoning regulations. It also helps safeguard the construction of your home from being done with poor standards. Although different locations and municipalities have varying regulations regarding building permits, Maronda Homes will not start building a house without one. Generally speaking, permits are required to:

  • Build a new structure, such as a house;
  • Demolish a part of your home;
  • Roof or re-roof your house;
  • Add/remove walls, change designated uses of rooms;
  • Install windows that require changes to the walls;
  • Install or replace plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems;
  • Build decks/fences over specific dimensions.

How long does it take to get a Building Permit?

The permitting process typically takes 30-60 days. The standard Maronda Homes permitting process checklist is below. Please take into consideration that all time frames are estimated and vary by community. Once we submit the permit over to the local municipality, the wait time for approval is unfortunately out of our hands. To keep our process fair for all our buyers, once approved, we will start the construction of your home in the order of homes sold. Please note your start date may be backlogged due to other starts ahead of you.

  • Request Permit Prints
  • Plot Plan and Energy Docs
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Request Start
  • Final Review

Permitting is just one of the many steps that go into building your dream home with Maronda Homes! You can learn more about our home building process here.

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