What is a Quick Delivery Home? Three Advantages of a Quick Delivery Home.


Congrats, you’ve decided on new home construction! Most buyers correlate new home construction with building a home from scratch. However, the more research you conduct, the more new construction jargon you run into, and the more complex your decision becomes. 

Are there more options than just building a home from scratch when it comes to new home construction? Yes!

That jargon includes quick delivery homes. Just like building a home from scratch, quick delivery homes are unique, pre-built, brand-new construction homes. They also come with distinctive benefits that you may find more suitable than building from the ground up.

What is a Quick Delivery Home?

Also referred to as an “inventory” or “spec” home, a quick delivery home is a move-in-ready, new construction home designed and built at the builder’s discretion. At Maronda, quick delivery homes are made with the same quality materials and processes and backed with the same warranties as newly-built houses. The only difference is that Maronda decides on the homesite, floorplan, and interior/exterior customizations for you.

The Advantages of A Quick Delivery Home:

1. New Home Construction Waiting For You

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in new home construction is the uncertainty of build times. Luckily, quick delivery homes offer a faster move-in timeline. Typically they’re ready for use immediately or within at least 3+ months of purchase. If build times are a worry, a quick delivery home may be the perfect alternative for you.

2. Ease of Process

Inventory homes offer the convenience of less decision-making. As if buying a home isn’t stressful enough, you get to bypass the stresses of comparing and contrasting every little detail. Everything will already be selected for you, from choosing a homesite and floor plan to comparing light fixtures, flooring, and wall colors. The only thing you have to focus on when purchasing a quick delivery home is moving in!

3. Same Quality as New Builds

Don’t let the name fool you – just because they’re “quick” doesn’t mean they’re not constructed with the same quality standards as a new build home. And, just like new-built homes, these too are new construction homes Maronda strategically selects trending floor plans and attractive interior and exterior features to satisfy potential buyers when creating a quick delivery home. Every home is unique, just like a new build.

If you’re looking for the same quality and uniqueness as a new build, without the stressors of long build times and decision-making, a quick delivery home may be perfect for you!

At Maronda, we offer quick delivery homes across all divisions.

Explore our inventory of quick delivery homes.

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