The Benefits of Using Our Preferred Lender, RMC Home Mortgage


Why should you choose RMC Home Mortgage as your lender?

Choosing RMC as your lender is one of the smartest decisions you can make when building a home with Maronda. To help homebuyers afford the new construction home of their dreams, they offer a wide array of mortgage products that provide ease of transaction, in-house accuracy, and unmatched incentives.

Ease of Transaction

The most crucial benefit of choosing RMC is the ease of transaction. Operating as a joint venture between FBC Mortgage, LLC and Maronda Homes, they provide undivided attention specifically to Maronda homebuyers. By being dedicated exclusively to Maronda, they can eliminate outside distractions from other businesses. RMC’s loan officers recognize how Maronda works inside and out. They offer unparalleled service with one goal in mind: finding mortgage solutions for every Maronda homebuyer.

In-house Accuracy

RMC offers in-house accuracy from start to finish for every client. Not only do they have an in-house Settlement Company specific for Maronda, but they also provide cost sheets that include accurate closing cost figures and final inspection costs. They are transparent with the numbers upfront to paint a precise picture of out-of-pocket expenses. When choosing RMC, you can avoid surprise costs and closing delays that may come with other lenders.

Unmatched Incentives

RMC offers Maronda home buyers a plethora of incentives, one of the most attractive being receiving AT LEAST $2,250 in closing costs – with some divisions or communities offering additional dollars on top of that. Also included in the incentives are free options up to an amount agreed upon by the division or community. When selecting another mortgage lender, incentives – if offered – will not apply.


When should I get pre-qualified?

In order to start construction, a pre-qualification letter must be turned in. Therefore the first step to the home building process with Maronda is to get pre-qualified.

What should my credit be?

Although specific to each division and community, Maronda has options for credit scores as low as 550.

Can my rate change from signing to closing?

Unfortunately, your rate may change just as the market changes. Luckily, RMC offers extended rate lock options of 165, 270, or 360 days to help guarantee your rate during the construction of your home.

Can I still use RMC if I already got pre-approved by another lender?

Yes, as long as it’s within 30 days. Once past the 30-day window, getting pre-approved again will be considered another hard credit pull.

How long do pre-qualification letters last?

Pre-qualification letters last 120 days on new construction homes.


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