What is an Inventory Home? Everything You Should Know About This New Home Option


The American dream revolves around many milestones. Being a homeowner is the grandest of these. However, if it is your first time going house hunting, you may need help figuring out the first steps into your new abode.

Most people want to build their dream house and assume that they can accomplish this by opting for a new construction home built from scratch. They don’t realize inventory homes are also brand-new houses, which are just as unique as the former, and come with some additional benefits.

What is an Inventory Home?

While builders work with customers to create custom-built homes from the ground up, inventory homes are defined as move-in-ready houses. Also referred to as ‘spec houses,’ inventory homes are usually built before a buyer comes along. Upon the builder’s speculation, someone would be interested in purchasing them. 

Inventory homes extensively decorate the American real estate market. Whether you want to own a new home in Orlando to be closer to Disney World or foster your love for football by living in a new home in Central Ohio, you will find spec houses up for grabs in every region of the country.

What are the Advantages of Inventory Homes?

Rest assured that inventory homes are not old or rickety. Just like new-built houses, these too are new construction homes. The only difference is that the builder has already completed them before you enter the picture.

Inventory homes come brimming with advantages.

For starters, they are lighter on your pocket and won’t create as big a dent in your bank account as custom-built projects would. This is because in buying a spec house, you only have your time spent on purchasing the home itself. You won’t have to invest additional amounts on choosing the location, making the floor plan, or selecting the different components. All this work will already be done for you.

Moreover, with an inventory home, you won’t have to worry about waiting for long periods before moving in. Usually, these homes are ready for use immediately, or within three months of purchase. If you are in a hurry, they can be the perfect option for you. People who have sold their old houses are especially concerned about finding a new place to live, as soon as possible. Inventory homes are a stress-free solution in such cases as well.

New Construction Home Waiting For You

Inventory homes are constructed with the same standards of quality as custom-built ones. Naturally, the former will only sell if they satisfy potential buyers. Hence, anticipating and incorporating the features people would want in a house is key to building sought-after inventory homes. Builders always make sure to include functioning drainage and insulation systems, and aesthetic interior and exterior design elements into these houses before they go on sale.

Suppose an inventory home is in its finishing stages, but not yet completed. In that case, you may also get the chance to negotiate with the builder and accommodate your personal preferences. For example, if you have an affinity for a particular color scheme, which may not reflect the overall theme of the house, you could ask the builder if they could paint an unfinished room with your color.

Suppose you are interested in buying an inventory home. In that case, you want to work with experienced builders to make sure you don’t only get a good deal, but also guaranteed satisfaction in the form of a home, that is constructed with attention to detail.  Maronda Homes can achieve this for you. With a portfolio consisting of new homes in Central Ohio, Florida, Pittsburgh, Southern Georgia, and Northern Kentucky, our organization is a close-knit, family-owned enterprise. We match new buyers with the perfect houses, and our team is eager to help you out.

Contact us today and start your journey towards your dream home.

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