The Benefits of Buying New Construction Homes

Let’s say you’re looking for a new home. With a blossoming real estate market, you will have hundreds of options to choose from.

The active listings may attract you to the idea of buying a house that already exists and has been lived in. However, if you want something that’s fully aligned with your preferences, a new construction home is the best choice.

As the name suggests, a new construction home is one that is built from scratch. Often located in up and coming fast-growing communities and towns, this house comes equipped with all the necessary amenities and boasts several benefits.

For the Love of Lower Maintenance Costs

Old houses need more repairs. Imagine moving into a home that’s been inhabited in the past, finding out that the air conditioning system is fried, or that the plumbing is falling apart. It’s not a pleasant feeling!

After spending a ton of money buying the house itself, you realize that you also have to spend on maintenance costs. It can be a real deal-breaker because soon enough, you start incurring sky-rocketing costs.

Wanting to save money is an important reason why you should go for a new construction home instead of an existing one.

The former features new heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. These are less likely to demand repairs and can last in sound condition for at least the first few years. Most new construction homes also include energy-efficient appliances that can reduce your utility bills.

In a new construction home, because repairs are not needed, it saves you a lot of time and allows you to move in as soon as the house has been bought.

You will not, for instance, have to find a temporary place to live in a while your home is being remodeled and upgraded. Simply sign the papers, pack your belongings, and make your way to your new house!

Customization to your Heart’s Desire

Unless you are willing to spend more money, you will have to be content with what you get in an existing home. Having to do so can be disheartening.

Perhaps you have always wanted a pretty cobblestoned pathway in your house or state of the art brown cabinets. If these features are not already present in an existing home you purchase, you will have to face more hassle in getting them accommodated.

It becomes even tougher when an existing house comes with things you really don’t like. For instance, a gaudy and oversized chandelier may be crowding your living room space. Not only will you have to get it taken off, but also fix any damage it causes to the ceiling plaster during the removal.

A new construction home allows you to design your home according to your wishes. You can choose a color theme that suits your style, and in some cases, even work with builders to edit the layout, by adding extra rooms and bathrooms.

The Welcome Warranty

If repairs come up in a pre-owned home, you may find yourself having to pay full price. In a new construction home, you may be blessed with the gift of a warranty.

If a warranty is applicable in your case, you may be protected from rising costs at length.

So, if your bathroom starts leaking just a month after you move in or realize that the fire alarm isn’t working as it should, you don’t have to stress too much. Depending on your warranty, you can maintain your house at reduced prices, or even for free.

The Perks of a New Community

As stated, new construction homes are usually built-in communities and towns that are expanding. Hence, these homes are often completed as part of a larger housing project- one that entails building several of these at the same time.

What this means is that you might not be the only one moving into a new house. You may have new neighbors whom you can befriend! When new towns spring up, they are usually brimming with the opportunity to foster new friendships, interact with creative local businesses, and form a close-knit community that quickly becomes family.

There are more perks to buying a new construction home in a growing community. If you book your plot early, you may be able to pick the location for your house and even avail discounts that are sometimes offered on introductory prices.

Ultimately, a new construction home is a good choice because it is all yours.

Although this sounds superstitious, many people are not comfortable living in a place where other’s lives have played out.

Not knowing the events that transpired in the same place they are now inhabiting, some folks are driven to anxiety, as they try to determine what kind of energy the former residents left the house with. Those looking for a fresh start, in particular, don’t want to step into a place where difficult or painful scenarios may have occurred.

Working with experts specializing in new construction homes is key to building the house of your dreams. The wrong advice can lead you to unwanted surprises. For example, if your builders don’t assist you in comprehending your contract properly, or aren’t transparent about finishing touches, your trust might be compromised.

With 50 years of knowledge in the field, Maronda Homes can help you construct your new home to perfection. Our philosophy is centered around customer satisfaction and we ensure that your needs are successfully catered to.

Our team also works closely with mortgage lenders, and top of the class realtors and provides you access to them, because we understand that you may need a little help addressing relevant details regarding your new home. If you are excited about being a homeowner and would like more information about our new construction homes, please contact us today.

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