How Do New Homes Hold-up in a Hurricane?

A Maronda Home is Designed for Living and Engineered to Last – Even in The Face of Natural Disasters

We Recognize The Importance of Quality Materials & Partnerships

Over the last 50 years, Maronda Homes has successfully built thousands of homes across the east coast, despite any market or natural disaster. To ensure our homes retain value over time, we use only the best materials from trusted brands and experienced vendors with reputable craftsmanship.

From steel-reinforced concrete walls to foundation waterproofing, insulated steel raised panel garage doors to engineered roof trusses with moisture barriers, our homes are built to withstand hurricanes.

The Advantages of Having a New Construction Home During a Hurricane:


Well, It’s a Brand New Home!

One of the most significant advantages of a new construction home is that it is a brand new home, made specifically for you by you. No renovations will be needed upon completion, and there will be no wear and tear as you will be the first person to live there. It will also be fully equipped with brand-new appliances and built with sturdier and safer up-to-date materials. Learn more benefits of buying a new construction home.

Weatherproof Materials

A brand new home means it’s built with brand new materials. When building in hurricane zones, all materials used will be weatherproof and withstand natural disasters. Materials here may include reinforced, impact-resistant doors, laminated windows, storm-resistant windows or hurricane shutters, pull-down PVC shutter systems, and high-impact synthetic window shades.

At Maronda, our homes are wrapped in an all-in-one weather barrier and structural sheathing system and can withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour, which covers category two and three hurricanes. Other important quality construction features throughout our home series include steel reinforced concrete walls, foundation waterproofing with french drain systems, engineered roof trusses with a moisture barrier or hurricane strap connectors, and passive radon mitigation systems. Learn more about our home series’ included features.

Abides To The Latest Building Code Regulations

Every home we build abides by the latest building code regulations in hurricane zones. Enjoy peace of mind knowing all products used in your build reduce damage from flooding, wind damage, and storm surge.

The Protection of a New Home Warranty

On top of having a brand new home built with weatherproof materials up to building code standards, every Maronda home is backed by a warranty that starts on day one of your closing. We partner exclusively with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) for three industry-leading warranties. 


At Maronda Homes, we are proud to say that we build adhering to every building code and standard, with quality, to ensure your home can hold strong in any storm. 

Start building your home today.

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